Prisma Textil
Profis für Bügelbrettbezüge | Pros for Ironing Board Covers

As a B2B company we deliver to trading companies solely.
On this Website you can find part of our product assortment.

Since we can respond to your individual requests, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, also if you cannot find a certain product on this site.

Our Promise










Due to our short decision-making process we are able to respond to our customer’s individual needs and wishes.

Nothing is impossible!

Thanks to our many years’ experience in the sales promotion business our production process is optimized in a way that we are able to deliver large and also small quantities at an exact point of time.

Punctuality is our strength!

A wide range of our goods are produced in Germany. We attach great importance to high quality standards. In order to also ensure the best quality for our products from the Far East, we carefully select and check our suppliers.

Great quality for the best price!